Between January 9th and 20th 2017, the partners will meet in La Trinité, Martinique, to attend to two courses and the second international meeting. Each partner will send 5 teachers and students to participate in these activities.The first course is entitled Global Positioning Systems and Georeferencement Tools, for teachers and students. Martinique was chosen for hosting this training because of its remoteness from the European continent. Georeferencing will use a satellite signal whose protocols are different from those used by the other four partners in Europe. Performance of the created tools and application will be tested. <br><br>This training will be composed of two parts: a theoretical part, for participants to understand the basics of georeferencing: description of the global positioning system, explanation of the geodetic reference system, interpretation of GPS principles, precision of positioning modes, presentation of the georeferencing tools needed for Marking of GPS points; the second part will be essentially practical. Participants will go to the field to conduct experiments and apply the learning from the theoretical part. They will also input the satellite data and record the coordinates, using the tools and application for android system created for this purpose. The main goal is to acquire the necessary skills and to use, precisely and efficiently, the georeferencing tools on the Smartphones and the tablets, with a view to the creation of the educational paths and the points of interest respectively. The second course is entitled Multimedia Content Production, for teachers and students<br><br>The training will take place in the form of workshops where groups of teachers will work on multimedia and interactivity, static media (text and image), capturing and processing still images, and video. Products will be collected in digital format during the field practice and edited during the course sessions. <br><br>The course is essential to develop skills for multimedia editing and production associated with the points of interest to optimize the available means. <br><br>Two teachers from each school will also meet, to evaluate finished tasks, discuss and make decisions regarding future activities, motilities, select the project logo and write the intermediate report.