On Saturday, 19th of May 2018, Youth Centre Krško ( MC Krško) organised an interactive orienteering event "Find the Cultural Treasure" in collaboration with a local mountaineering society PD Videm, who provided an excellent tour guide, Zvonko Mohar, and ŠC Krško – Sevnica whose team developed an Android application T2E under the Erasmus+ project Trails2Education.eu. The participants were given a secret mission before the beginning which they had to carry out during the hike without being noticed by other participants. The tasks included impersonation of animals, asking for the time every 10 minutes, tying of the shoes at every stop sign, ect. The app T2E kept everyone on track and shoved the interest points on the way. By clicking on the points, much cultural, historical and other interesting content was revealed on the screen. The experience was very interesting and educative which proved that in the best companionship nothing is impossible. The members of the group that worked up the sweat are: Mitja, Maša, Katja (MC Krško), Žan and Mario (students), Adica, Jana, Nataša, Klaudija, Simona, Natalija and Svetlana (ŠC Krško)